What you can expect from Klingberg: 

  • A network of caring, experienced professionals dedicated to ensuring success for all Klingberg’s foster children and foster families.
  • Support of the family’s healthy development including recreation, social community, and educational services through weekly visits.
  • Access to family support staff to discuss strategies in meeting all regulatory standards as well as issues that arise in family dynamics once a foster child is placed.
  • 24 hours a day/7 days a week on-call support system for foster parents and foster youth.
  • On-going training opportunities and networking events with approved Klingberg families.
  • Foster parents receive a tax-free, enhanced monthly stipend for reimbursement for the food, clothing, childcare and other necessities of the child placed in your home. DCF provides healthcare coverage for all foster children and they cover the cost for all medical, dental and therapeutic services the child needs.
  • Foster parents are provided with paid respite breaks up to 18 days a year.
  • We view each family and youth in our program as part of our family and we do our best to support our families the best we can. You will feel the difference in the support we provide.