The Road to Foster Care/Adoption


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Initial Home Assessment and Screening

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A member of our Approval Team will come to your home to further explore your interest in becoming an approved foster home, answer all your questions and explain next steps if you choose to move forward. During this time, the Recruitment Specialist will conduct a brief walkthrough of your home.



Service Training and
Mutual Assessment of Readiness

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At Klingberg Family Centers we pride ourselves in offering our potential foster and adoptive parents the best training available in order to prepare them to open their home to the youth we serve.

TIPS MAPP (Trauma Informed Partnering for Safety and Permanence – Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting) training is a ten week training program that meets one time a week for a three hour session. 



Home Study and Background Checks

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Upon completion of the TIPS MAPP training, the Licensing Specialist will meet with you in your home to complete the home study and begin to collect the necessary documents for the final approval.  Becoming an approved foster family requires an in-depth review of your family readiness, financial stability, medical/health well-being, and required background checks including state and local criminal checks, child protective services, driving records.  This process may feel overwhelming but we will walk you through. 


APPROVAL and Placement

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The average length of time for the approval process is approximately six months, although this can vary.  Once approved, you and your family will be eligible for the placement of child or youth awaiting care. Klingberg  delivers a considerate, thoughtful, and inclusive approach to matching a child to your foster family and this may take time.

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